OWC (Automatic Organic Waste Converter) "Greenviron India" based in Bengaluru is a leading providers for effective and unique solution for recycling of all kinds of bio-degradable waste which converts it into compost. The company is engaged in a variety of social and environmental improvement activities in India. Our core focus areas includes Organic Waste Management and Optimizing Natural Resources.
Leading Manufacturer of Fully Auotmatic Organic Waste Converters such as plasma Organic Waste Converter, Organic Waste ConverterTerminator Organic Waste Shredder, Zap Organic Waste Converter, OWC Composting Machine, Garbage Composting Machine, Organic Waste Composting Machine and many more items from Bengaluru.

Organic Waste Converter (OWC) is all about converting Organic Waste to Organic Fertiliser called Compost, in the fastest possible time.

What would take 2-3 months to get composted by the natural process, a good OWC should be able to compost it in 15 days!
We strongly believe in the concept of “Recycle to Refill”. We are proud and determined to take India to new heights with Make In India and Swachh Bharat Initiatives.

Organic Waste Converter

Greenviron is a fully automatic and highly compact composting machine where special kind of micro organism is used to breakdown & decompose. The entire process is aerobic, natural and biological. Our special microorganisms thrive in high temperature and are effective even in high acidic or salty conditions. The Greenviron has a 'U-shaped' composting tank, with a humidity sensor, heater, mixing blades and an exhaust system.

When organic waste is added to it, moisture is sensed by the humidity sensor, due to which the heater turns ON and the composting tank gets heated. Due to this, the water content in the organic waste is evaporated and it goes out to the atmosphere as water vapour through the exhaust system. As any organic waste contains 70-80% water content, we achieve 70-80% volume reduction at this stage itself. At the same time, our special micro organisms then decompose the organic waste into compost, and this happens within 24 hours. That's how we achieve 85-90% volume reduction. The process is completely noiseless as there is no crushing or grinding involved.

Following effective waste management practices can provide subsequent generations a more robust economy, a fairer and more inclusive society and a cleaner environment.

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